Oh, the places you’ll go!

Once, while waiting for my brother in Melbourne’s CBD, I was sitting on a bench by myself in silence. Except I wasn’t by myself. And I wasn’t silent.

Suddenly, from behind me, a guy started singing, “In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight.”

Only then did I realise that I had been singing, “a wimba way, a wimba way, …” under my breath for who knows how long.

I jumped. We both stopped singing abruptly. I was at a loss for words.

After a moment, he cleared his throat a little and went, “do you…uh…do you wanna keep singing?”

Deciding that I had embarrassed myself for a while, I muttered, “no thank you,” and telepathically sent panic signals to my brother to hurry up and save me from my awkward self.

Fast forward a few years to this year in Shinjuku station in Tokyo.

If you’ve ever been in there before, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say that it is, without a doubt, the worst meeting place ever. There are about four separate stations mashed together with a bunch of shopping centres and a labarynth of tunnels. If you’re trying to navigate it during peak hour then I wish you luck, friend.

The last time I tried to do that, I discovered I had been humming the theme to Mission Impossible under my breath because another foreigner standing next to me on the platform started singing the “dunna na” part. Don’t pretend you don’t know which part I’m talking about.

By now, most of you have realised that my Instagram doesn’t really give an accurate representation of my life. I don’t travel around Japan, or even Tokyo, on a regular basis and much of my life here is spent working or studying.

In fact, I travel so infrequently compared to what you might expect that I’ve even started singing a little theme song whenever I plan or go on a trip: (to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell”) “Adventures in Japan, adventures in Japan, I’m gonna go and have adventures in Japan.”

What I’m worried about, with my track record, is that I’m going to slip and sing this out loud on my way to the next adventure. On repeat. Without realising.

Even so, I’ve travelled around a lot more in one year than I thought I would. I get the feeling all these posts about my everyday life won’t hold up for you guys anyway.

Starting soon, expect to hear about some places in and around Tokyo, starting with my favourites. I’ve barely scratched the surface of things to do and places to go in Japan so if you’ve got any recommendations, let me know!

2 thoughts on “Oh, the places you’ll go!

  1. Lisa Kerekes says:

    Thankyou for the lunchtime laugh Pris!

    I’ve just returned from holidays and restarted my computer to find a bajillion tabs open still, which need to be dealt with, and your blogpage was one of them hehe. Keep having brave adventures, writing honest blog posts and enjoying life!