To Infinity And Beyond

At night when I prepare to turn the lights off, I take a mental snapshot of the route to my bed between the landscape of clothes and books and assorted things on my bedroom floor. When I do flip the switch, I sprint along this path and make a dive for the covers lest my ankles come within the arm’s or tentacle’s length of the monsters that live below. That’s right. Despite the roll out bookshelf under my bed and the shelves in my wardrobe, I still half believe that monsters can emerge from them in the darkness.

I used to lull myself to sleep by telling myself that they don’t really exist but I’ve begun telling myself that perhaps I was judging them too quickly, that they could be rather lovely and lurking there only because of their jobs. I began to tell myself that on the off-chance that a monster did emerge from the darkness, I should reach out and call it “Kitty” before screaming bloody murder. Knowing me though, I would probably skip straight to the last step, which is why I keep the wardrobe doors ajar at night so that they can’t come in through Monstropolis.

What I can do and try to do most of the time, however, is to meet people with an open mind. After all, if monsters deserve a chance to prove themselves gentle and protective then anyone, indeed everyone, deserves the same. And this is only one example of the many lessons I take away with me with every view of a Pixar movie.

From the tales of love and friendship, integrity and loyalty, bravery and adventure, tolerance and compassion, I learnt that we can all aim for greatness. I learnt that we all have hearts though it may be hard to see beneath fur, cotton, scales or even metal. That together we can defy anything, though we may feel as helpless as ants. That we can all create and dream big, though we may be scorned at like rats. That our friendships and our love connects us even when we are oceans apart. That it is never too late to fly, there is nothing strong enough to make us stop doing the right thing, there are no two people who cannot form a friendship. That we are all different and special, that we all have something to offer, even if we look the same as everyone around us.

Indeed, these aspirations and dreams reflected Pixar’s owner’s, Steve Jobs‘, life. He was daring enough to dream a better world, brave enough to pursue it, strong enough to inspire others to do the same.

As I sit here typing this on my Apple products, I acknowledge his innovation and the accomplishments of his life but for me, it is his philosophy that stands out. The same philosophy imprinted in his products and movies, the same philosophy that continues to teach me and countless others valuable lessons, the same philosophy he so publicly lived by. It is by this same philosophy that I will remember him.

Rest In Peace, Steve Jobs (1955-2011)